Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can bring about feelings of pleasure, happiness, and relief from anxiety and depression. It is often referred to as the "happy hormone". Being in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, increase pleasant feelings, this is exactly what"Serotonin"does. Enjoy the Serotonin Outdoors!

Firefly Titanium Camping Stove on Kickstarter

High Efficiency

Firefly Mini Stove ensures the advantages of lightweight and small storage size and has higher combustion efficiency. We make a series of holes on the top of the stove body, allowing fresh oxygen to pass through these holes and re-ignite the smoke produced by the first combustion, resulting in a secondary combustion. This increases the combustion efficiency and reduces the smoke produced.

Environmental Manufacturing

Environmental protection has always been a theme that each of our brands and everyone needs to constantly adhere to, so we pay special attention to the selection of raw materials and production processing.

Our storage bag is made of RPET fabric, which is a new type of environmentally friendly material made from recycled PET bottles. The recycled environmental protection fiber raw materials made from RPET can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save nearly 80% of energy compared to conventional polyester fiber production.