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Fire Blower Set

Fire Blower Set

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A collapsible fire bellowing tool for starting fire, easy to blow oxygen without too much force. The Fire Blower Set also includes a small roasting fork. This fork can be directly mounted on top of the aluminium head, and you can use it to roast marshmallows, sausages, and more. 

  • Portable: retractable design makes it is easy to carry,  lightweight and compact
  • Versatile: can be used both to blow fire and as a roasting fork
  • Efficient: can provide high speed and effective oxygen supply to the fire
  • Safe: smoke can be kept from eyes, protect your face from getting hurt 
  • Wide application: used for camping, hiking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Suitable for building fire for campfire, fireplaces, stove, barbecue, etc.


Stainless Steel (tube)
Beech (handle)
Aluminium (head)

Open Length: 63cm
Storage Length: 14.5cm

Weight: 55.4g

Fire Blower
Roasting Fork
Storage Bag

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