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Serotonin Outdoors

Serotonin Outdoors Firefly Mini Stove

Serotonin Outdoors Firefly Mini Stove

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The SEROTONIN Firefly Mini Stove, the ultimate camping stove that is extremely lightweight and compact but works perfectly with any fuel, including biofuel that you can easily find in the woods when camping. This wood gas stove is perfect for any scenario, whether it's hammock camping, bike camping, motorcycle camping, backpacking, hiking, bushcraft, or solo camping. It is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures. 

  • Compact and Ultralight: The detachable structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble to support its extreme portability, and it will take almost no space in your backpack—being only the size of an adult's palm. The titanium version weighs only 285g.
  • Secondary Combustion:  A series of holes on the top of the stove body, allowing fresh oxygen to pass through these holes and re-ignite the smoke produced by the first combustion, resulting in a secondary combustion. This increases the combustion efficiency and reduces the smoke produced.
  • Multi Fuel: It is a multi-fuel device that supports different types of fuel—dry twigs, wood pellets, solid fuel tablets, alcohol stove and gas.
  • Leave No Trace: The stove base can prevent the ground or lawn by the extreme temperatures, and it also increases the safety of the operation while receiving the falling ashes. You can then easily dispose of the ashes after using the stove in a super clean user experience.


Packed: L15.5xW9xH2.5cm
Assembled: L18xW9xH14.7cm

Titanium: 285g
Stainless Steel: 475g

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