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Firefly Gas Burner

Firefly Gas Burner

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Gas burner for Firefly Mini Stove.

If you prefer to use gas, you can easily turn the Firefly Mini Stove into a gas stove.

How to use:  Press the stove burner into the slot hole at the bottom of the installed bracket to jam and lock, then thread the hose with the valve along the oval opening on the side plate, and finally connect the gas canister and use it! It's lightweight and compact with high output,  allowing the stove to use mixtures like Isobutane -Propane as fuel. 

Please note that the bracket must be installed stably before use.


Material: Stainless Steel+Copper

Hose Length: 48cm
Head Diameter: 5cm
Height: 6.7cm

Output: 3200W

Weight: 105.8g

Include: Stove Burner+Storage Bag

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